Saturday, December 03, 2005 about to offer MySQL 5.1 databases as well!

This morning I learnt that the first MySQL 5.1 development version has been released to the public.

During the last days, I successfully experimented with installing multiple MySQL servers on one machine, so this gave me the perfect preparation to download MySQL 5.1 on the server and install it independently of the current MySQL 5.0 version that's currently in use by about 2,000 users.

It has worked fine - MySQL 5.0 continues to operate just like before and the new MySQL 5.1 version will be available via port 3307. During the weekend, I will transfer the user accounts from the 5.0 server to the 5.1 server, so - everyone who already has a MySQL 5.0 account will soon be able to access his MySQL 5.1 database as well.

You will hear about more details, soon.


Mike Kruckenberg said...

Awesome, it's so cool that you run this service. Even more cool that you keep up with the latest MySQL versions.

Markus Popp said...

Thank you! That's what keeps interesting - also to myself. There are some other MySQL database providers around, but they all (all that I know) offer quite old versions and hardly make any updates. That's what makes different - since it has gone online, it has always offered the very latest version. And that often, before it was even announced on MySQL's website ;-).

I'd like to go on with this tradition, so from now on, you will probably always find the most current production and the most current development version of MySQL at