Wednesday, July 02, 2008 again offers latest MySQL 6.0 (compiled from source)

The's MySQL 6.0 server is at the very latest state again. I have compiled the server from source, so you can test the very latest of MySQL development.

Unfortunately there were some issues with the former version (6.0.4) and I didn't manage to simply upgrade the server as I used to. After upgrading, the server didn't start up with the old data directory and dumping database by database to re-import it into the new version resulted in frequent crashes. After multiple failures to do a straight update I decided to install a fresh and empty new 6.0 server.

Now the most important question for you if you used the 6.0 server: where did my data go?

I left the old server up and running, but configured it to port 3308. This means, if you had data in your MySQL 6.0 database, you can still access it - here's how, if you use the default MySQL client:
mysql -h -P 3308 -u [your_username] -p[your_password] [your_database]

I am also going to configure phpMyAdmin to allow you accessing the old MySQL server using it.

If you want to keep your data on the 6.0 server, please migrate it to the new one (running on port 3307 as usual) as soon as possible. I will keep the old server (running 6.0.4) running for about a month.

Have fun experimenting with the very latest MySQL 6.0!