Thursday, December 22, 2005 CleanUp process

Since last weekend, the first clean up process of is running. All users (except a few who I strongly expect that they will keep their database ;-)) have received an email with a link to the CleanUp web page, where they can leave a comment and decide, whether they would like to keep the database or rather have the database deleted.

This process should be running until the middle of January, then I will delete the users and databases from the people who have decided not to keep it and I will set the database accounts of those users inactive, who didn't tell me about keeping or deleting. So they have a chance to still get their database back if they really need it, otherwise I plan to delete those accounts by the end of January. That process should provide less overhead on the server and better performence for those users who use their database on a regular basis.

By now, from 2,342 users, 403 users will keep the database and 66 users want it to be deleted explicitly. For the other 1,873 users, there is no decision yet. However, I will keep on sending the clean up emails to those users who haven't told me yet, so everybody should have a fair chance to not have the account deleted unexpectedly.

The 17 % who want to keep the account (as far as they indicated it so far) don't seem like very much, but there are many very pleasant comments about - there are people to who has become an important provider for learning MySQL, for experimenting, testing migration scenarios and also for running active projects. There have been several positive statements about the performence and there really seem to be a lot of people who love

And that's a good feeling!

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