Thursday, December 08, 2005

Server statistics

In my article about data types statistics I was asked for further statistics.

That's principally no problem. Of course I will take care of user's privacy and not hand out any user specific data, but as statistics usually don't relate to any specific user data, you can ask me for statistics about the server. It would be best to send me the queries, and if they are "common enough" that they don't give information about any single user, I will run them against the db4free server and return the results.

This gives me an idea to go even one step further. If people in the Community are interested, we can use status information to discuss server optimization on this concrete example. This could make the service even better - and for me (as for anybody else who participates) it would be a chance to learn from suggestions that experienced MySQL experts can make to improve db4free's server performence.

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