Saturday, December 17, 2005

News about me &

It's time to inform you about some great news about things that happened through the last few weeks that affect my personal career and possibly also the future of and my role within the MySQL community.

The first great news is not really new, since you might already know that I am one of the three winners of the Grand Prize of the MySQL 5 contest. Time has begun to start preparing for travelling to Santa Clara next April and there's a great pleasant anticipation.

The second great news is that I have been invited to be added to the MySQL Writers Guild. It's a big honour to be listed among some great people (some of which are even authors of great books that I have learnt a lot from!).

Great news number three: yesterday I have passed the MySQL Professional Certification Exam *WOUHOOOO* (<- I promised that ;-))! I have now reached a big personal goal with being both a Zend (PHP) Certified Engineer and MySQL Certified Professional.

And last but not least - number four, this Monday (19th December) I will start on a new software and web developer job. The new job will involve PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java and maybe more. I will have to deal with large scale databases (probably both MySQL and PostgreSQL) and I'm very confident that this new job will give me a great opportunity to learn a lot of great new things on a much higher level that I have been used to.

I am sure that my involvement in the MySQL Community and YOUR help to get all that phantastic response and feedback helped me a lot to get this interesting new job. So I believe, you deserve a big THANK YOU for all of this!

I'm the living proof that a contribution within the MySQL Community can be very helpful in stepping forward in your personal career. But I wouldn't have had the chance to be active in the Community if there wasn't such a strong Community - so I know that I owe you people, who helped me to get such a great response, a lot.

How does that affect the future of and my role within the Community? The "bad news" is that I will have to spend a lot of time the next weeks to get into my new job, so it's possible that you will hear a little less often from me than in the last weeks. But that doesn't mean that I'm out - far from it, I'm collecting new skills and advancing my old skills and I will bring them back into the Community and into

I have a lot of ideas for (some of which came by other people, like the trigger implementation from Giuseppe Maxia) and other activities like writing an article about connecting to a MySQL database using .NET for Andrew Gilfrin's site. I'd like to apologize that I have to postpone some of the things that I planned to do, due to my new job. But postponed doesn't mean cancelled, so they are still on my to-do-list.

So be excited (just as I'm very excited) about what's coming up, because I think, 2006 will bring a lot of interesting new things from me & :-).


rpbouman said...

Hey Markus,

congratulations dude!

I hope you'll enjoy your new job. At the sime time, I hope you'll be able to keep on providing the services as you do with db4free.

Good luck!

Markus Popp said...


Thank you very much! I will of course go on to do what I did so far - maybe some things a little differently (I hope, even better), but it will go on :-)!