Monday, April 03, 2006

QueryBrowser 1.2.7?

I just started QueryBrowser on my SuSE 10.0 PC (the version that's installed by default) and wondered, what version it would be. Looked into Help/About and was extremely surprised to see 1.2.7 as version number.

The current Linux version of QueryBrowser as stated on is 1.1.18.

I guess that the version number of QueryBrowser's Help/About dialog is wrong, but does somebody know exactly, what happened here?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Markus! That is interesting, indeed. The SUSE RPM states that the version is 1.1.12. That is in line how the source archive is versioned, so I assume the version number in the about dialogue is wrong. I just verified it against the 1.1.18 RPM for SUSE 10.0 that is available from my home page - this one shows the correct version number in the About-Dialogue. So it seems to have been fixed in the meanwhile. Good spotting!