Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My first live webinar experience

I registered for today's "What's new in MySQL 5.1 - Partitioning, Row-based Replication and more" live webinar which is a hot and very interesting topic. Well in fact, it was quite a short experience.

I wasn't aware that I get the sound through telephone (although it was mentioned in the confirmation email, which I didn't read so carefully - my fault) and that I need a fixed telephone line to get the corresponding sound for the webinar. So I followed the instructions, but I called the number on my mobile phone first. I heard from a tape voice that these kind of numbers (toll free 0800s) are not available via my mobile phone supplier, so I tried it on the fixed telephone line and it worked well. But there was another minor problem that made it impossible for me to watch and listen to the webinar simultanously - my fixed telephone is too far away from my PC.

However, that's not such a big deal as the whole webinar will be available for download in about a week. But the procedure to follow a live webinar looks a bit complicated to me - it would be more confortable to get the sound via Internet as well, but I guess that there are some technical issues that make this impossible with the software used.

As I said (to switch to a slightly different topic), MySQL 5.1 is a very hot topic and I have one MySQL 5.1.10 installation running (that's a few days old) and I saw a lot of progress going on. Unfortunately, I can't update from the development source at the moment because the compilation fails at a certain point. But I hope that a new MySQL 5.1 release will be available soon, because there are certainly many people who do not compile from source and they will probably also be excited to see the progress that has been made ;-).

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