Friday, April 21, 2006 offers MySQL 5.1.10

I know that it's a risky thing to run a MySQL version from the development source tree. But a lot of work has been done since MySQL 5.1.7 and I have experienced that the latest development version runs better than the most recent released version 5.1.7, so I dared to update MySQL 5.1 to 5.1.10-beta.

Maybe it's a little consolation for those who cannot participate at MySQL Users Conference, so you can in the meantime try all the new features at the very latest state of development. But be aware that there can be bugs that can usually not be found in a release version.

So take good care of while I am trying to collect new experiences at the Conference, that I will certainly be able to use to make even better :-).


Anonymous said...

This is very nice!

I can't wait to test out some of the new features.

Currently it seems like it takes a long time to execute "show databases" or just "use name_of_database" both under 5.0 or 5.1. I'm not sure whether it is just related to the server having a hard time with all us users :-)

Once again, this is very nice.

Anonymous said...

It seems like mysql bug #18243 is present in your 5.1.10. I am trying to pinpoint the bug.

I have tested mysql 5.1.7 beta binary on a Windows where there isn't any problem at all. The bug reporters suggest that the problem might only show in editions of mysql that is compiled by users and not in the binaries provided by the MySQL company.

It could be interesting to find out why this bug shows when people compile their own mysqld.

More info:

Anonymous said...

.. and once more :-) I'm queried about the build environment in that bug report. It's interesting that the bug shows up in different builds (your 5.1.10, 5.0.20 and the one at leading me to suspect that this isn't an isolated case, even though it doesn't show up in their own binaries.

Do you think you could supply the relevant information in that bug report? Thanks in advance!