Saturday, March 11, 2006

My current MySQL UC plan (still subject to change)

I had a tough time to choose from all those phantastic tutorials and sessions at the MySQL User Conference. Now I have a list of my top favourites, which I'd like to show you.

However, this is of course a very personal choice with very personal decisions, so I wouldn't like to call this recommandation or anything like this. Everybody is different, has different topics of interest and different expertises - so it's quite obvious that everybody would make different choices.

You can see how tough the choice was if you look at the "other favourites". It makes my heart bleed that so many interesting sessions (and of course, the tutorials, too) take place at the same time and it's not possible to watch all of them.

So here it is:

2006-04-24 08:30:00 - 2006-04-24 12:00:00

Secure Your PHP and MySQL Web Applications
(Laura Thomson, Senior Web Developer, OmniTI)

2006-04-24 13:30:00 - 2006-04-24 17:00:00

New Features of MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 In-depth (Partitioning, Updateable Views, Triggers, Stored Procedures)
(Jan Kneschke, Senior Developer, MySQLNetwork)

2006-04-25 00:00:00 - 2006-04-25 00:00:00

GPL v3 Jam Session

2006-04-25 08:20:00 - 2006-04-25 08:30:00

(Arjen Lentz, MySQL AB)

2006-04-25 08:30:00 - 2006-04-25 09:15:00

State of the Dolphin
(Kaj Arnö, MySQL AB, David Axmark, MySQL AB, Michael (Monty) Widenius, MySQL AB)

2006-04-25 09:15:00 - 2006-04-25 10:00:00

Bootstrapping: Starting an Open Source Business With Almost No Money!
(Greg Gianforte, RightNow Technologies)

2006-04-25 11:00:00 - 2006-04-25 11:45:00

The 5.1 Release
(Brian Aker, MySQLAB)

Other favourites:

The Java Advantage in MySQL
(Philip Antoniades, MySQL AB)

Creating .Net Applications with Linux and MySQL
(Matt Lord, MySQL AB)

2006-04-25 11:50:00 - 2006-04-25 12:35:00

A Look at New and Cool Things in the World of PHP
(Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP)

Other favourites:

Migrating a Large System to MySQL
(Ananth Reddy,

MySQL and Windows: Playing Well Together
(Reggie Burnett, MySQL AB)

2006-04-25 14:00:00 - 2006-04-25 14:45:00

MySQL In-Depth for DBAs
(Robin Schumacher, MySQL AB)

2006-04-25 14:50:00 - 2006-04-25 15:35:00

Performance Tuning Best Practices
(Jay Pipes)

Other favourites:

A Day in a MySQL Windows DBA
(Gerardo Narvaja, MySQL)

2006-04-25 16:30:00 - 2006-04-25 17:15:00

PHP Framework and the Eclipse PHP IDE
(Andi Gutmans, Zend Technologies, Inc.)

Other favourites:

Embedding MySQL
(Jim Winstead, MySQL, Inc.)

Panel: Scale Out
(Brian Aker, MySQLAB, Dorion Carroll, Technorati, Jeremy Cole, Yahoo! Inc., Brad Fitzpatrick,

MySQL 5 Applied: The Sakila Sample Database
(Mike Hillyer, MySQL AB)

MySQL Partitioning
(Mikael Ronström, MySQL AB)

Advanced User-Defined Functions in MySQL 5
(John David Duncan, MySQL)

2006-04-25 17:20:00 - 2006-04-25 18:05:00

Higher Order MySQL
(Giuseppe Maxia,

Other favourites:

MySQL GUI Tools for the Enterprise
(Michael G. Zinner, MySQL AB)

What *Not* to Include in Your DB Schema, and Why
(Danny O'Brien, Need To Know)

MySQL Performance: 5.0 vs 4.1
(Peter Zaitsev, MySQL, Inc.)

Synchronizing MySQL-based Applications with Mobile Devices
(Fabrizio Capobianco, Funambol)

2006-04-25 18:00:00 - 2006-04-25 19:30:00

Exhibitor Reception

2006-04-25 20:00:00 - 2006-04-25 21:30:00

HackFest B: Creating New SHOW Commands
(Brian Aker, MySQLAB)

Other favourites:

HackFest A: Creating New UDFs
(Hartmut Holzgraefe, MySQL AB, Jeremy Cole, Yahoo! Inc.)

2006-04-26 08:30:00 - 2006-04-26 09:15:00

State of MySQL AB
(Mårten Mickos, MySQL AB)

2006-04-26 09:15:00 - 2006-04-26 10:00:00

O'Reilly Radar
(Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media, Inc.)

2006-04-26 10:00:00 - 2006-04-26 10:30:00

Open Source & Linux at HP: Community Development, Customer Success
(Christine Martino, Hewlett-Packard)

2006-04-26 11:00:00 - 2006-04-26 11:45:00

Use Cases for Replication and Cluster in MySQL
(Brian Aker, MySQLAB)

Other favourites:

What Do You Mean There's No Backup?
(Michael Kruckenberg, OpenAir, Jay Pipes)

MySQL Network: MySQL Expertise, Across the Enterprise
(Andy Bang, MySQL, Rob Young, MySQL Network)

Speeding-up Queries: New Features of the MySQL 5.0 Query Engine
(Timour Katchaounov, MySQL)

Open Source Business Intelligence
(Barry Klawans, JasperSoft)

2006-04-26 11:50:00 - 2006-04-26 12:35:00

Wikipedia: The Cheap and Explosive Scaling with LAMP
(Domas Mituzas, MySQL and Wikimedia Foundation, Brion Vibber, Wikipedia)

Other favourites:

Security by Example (or, "Stupidity and the Real World")
(Kristian Köhntopp, MySQL AB)

Speeding-up Queries: New Features of the MySQL 5.0 Query Engine (Cont'd.)
(Timour Katchaounov, MySQL)

2006-04-26 14:00:00 - 2006-04-26 14:45:00

MaxDB: The Professional Database
(Ashwath Kakhandiki, Roland Mallmann, SAP)

Other favourites:

High Performance Interconnect Solution for MySQL Cluster
(Einar Rustad)

2006-04-26 14:50:00 - 2006-04-26 15:35:00

MySQL Migration Toolkit
(John Bradford, MySQL, Michael G. Zinner, MySQL AB)

Other favourites:

MaxDB: Easy Admin & Cool Features
(Roland Mallmann, SAP, Ashwath Kakhandiki)

MySQL Partitioning, Part 2 (Advanced)
(Philip Antoniades, MySQL AB)

Connector/ODBC 5.0 Features and Enhancements
(Mark D. Matthews, MySQL AB)

2006-04-26 16:30:00 - 2006-04-26 17:15:00

Web Performance and Scalability with MySQL
(Ask Bjørn Hansen,

Other favourites:

InnoDB: Features and Latest Enhancements
(Speaker: To Be Determined)

FeedBurner: Scalable Web Applications Using MySQL and Java
(Joe Kottke, FeedBurner)

2006-04-26 17:20:00 - 2006-04-26 18:05:00

InnoDB: Designing and Configuring for Best Performance
(Speaker: To Be Determined)

Other favourites:

Tuning MySQL5 SQL and Stored Procedures
(Guy Harrison, Quest Software)

Using Embedded MySQL as a High Performance Alternative to Traditional Filesystems
(George Schlossnagle, OmniTI Computer Consulting, Inc.)

2006-04-26 20:00:00 - 2006-04-26 21:30:00

MySQL Quiz Show

2006-04-27 08:30:00 - 2006-04-27 09:15:00

The Ubuntu Project: Improving Collaboration in the Free Software World
(Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu / Canonical Ltd)

2006-04-27 09:15:00 - 2006-04-27 10:30:00

Wikipedia, Open Source, and Knowledge Communities
(Mitchell Kapor, Open Source Applications Foundation (OSAF))

2006-04-27 10:30:00 - 2006-04-27 11:15:00

Plugging Your Applications into the MySQL Storage Engine Layer
(Brian Aker, MySQLAB)

2006-04-27 11:20:00 - 2006-04-27 12:05:00

Confession Time: Deadly Sins Using MySQL and PHP
(Arjen Lentz, MySQL AB)

Other favourites:

Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedures
(Konstantin Osipov, MySQL AB)

MySQL GIS: Overview and Tools
(Jeremy Cole, Yahoo! Inc.)

2006-04-27 13:30:00 - 2006-04-27 14:15:00

Extending MySQL Made Easy: Plugin API (FULLTEXT parsers, Storage Engines, and More)
(Sergei Golubchik, MySQL AB)

Other favourites:

JJSF, AJAX, MySQL, and Component-based Web Development
(Fima Katz, Exadel, Inc.)

MySQL Performance Landscape
(Peter Zaitsev, MySQL, Inc.)

Demands On a Storage Engine for Planning and Budgeting
(Juergen Faisst, Thinking Networks AG)

2006-04-27 14:20:00 - 2006-04-27 15:05:00

Ruby on Rails
(Speaker: To Be Determined)

Other favourites:

Growing Your Business; Strategizing for the Future
(Laura Merling, SDForum)

From Green Screen to Web Screen
(Hans Zaunere, New York PHP, Chris Hendry)

2006-04-27 15:30:00 - 2006-04-27 16:15:00

MySQL Movie Magic
(Milton Ngan, Weta Digital Ltd)


Frank said...

Hey Markus,

Hope you are doing well.

I have launched the site Adoppt as Alpha. Please come and help me find those damn bugs.

I really appreciate your efforts.

Nice schedule BTW ;)
P.S. Someone's mentioned on the credits page too!

Markus Popp said...


looks great :-)! A few rough edges still, but we'll plane them smooth.