Friday, March 31, 2006

These are really bad news ...

... from Andrew that he doesn't find the time to maintain any longer and write MySQL related blog articles :-(.

It would be too bad to let die, so I hope that there's a way to keep it alive in some form or another. I know that it's a huge amount of work for a single person to keep such a site up to date, so maybe there's a way to integrate the content into MySQL Forge or to create a Wiki to make it easy to anybody who just has something interesting to contribute it. I would also integrate it into the project, if there's no other way. Any rescue is better than letting it die completely.

I also haven't been very active in terms of MySQL recently, but nevertheless, there are a few great things that will make it easier for me to get involved more deeply than ever before. I just got a new PC running (an Athlon 64 3200+ with 2 GB RAM and two 250 GB hard disks - will be running SuSE Linux as primary OS) and in the upcoming week, a new xDSL connection will replace my current slow ISDN connection. I'm sure, that will make working much more fun and there will be new things that I can try out then that would be quite frustrating with an ISDN line.

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