Saturday, March 11, 2006

A little look ahead to MySQL 5.2

This topic seems to come quite early - MySQL 5.0 (as GA release) is not even half a year old and MySQL 5.1 has just turned into beta.

But I've heard that MySQL 5.1 will be quite a quick release, so MySQL 5.2 is maybe not that far away.

So it could be a good moment to start to talk about the features that could be in MySQL 5.2. Some plans have already been published:

(if you know more sources, please add them as comments ;-))

Maybe, someone could create a new forum where people can discuss what they would like to see inside MySQL 5.2. I'm sure, many people inside the MySQL Community (me included) have their favourite features.


Anonymous said...

My wishlist, aside from what is planned already, from the top of my head in no particular order:
- multiple roles per user
- ability to name PK's something else than PRIMARY
- smarten up the query planner for subqueries
- letting the user define on what to cluster
- true CHECK constraints
- storage LOBs in separate pages
- expressions in indexes

rpbouman said...

Hi Markus,

this would be my shortlist

-error handling improvements (SIGNAL, DIAGNOSTICS)
-declarative CHECK constraints
-the PARAMETERS and REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS information_schema views
-FOREIGN KEYs independant of storage engine
-UPDATE: lift the limitation for subqueries on the same table that is being updated ;-)

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot one more:
- materialized views :-)