Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My MySQLUC departure is just a month away

Time seems to be racing - in exactly one month I'll be on the way from Vienna via London to San Francisco and then to Santa Clara to attend the MySQL User Conference.

That's all extremely exciting for me. Actually, it's the first time in my life that I leave Europe. It will also be my first flight in 11 years (after leaving school, I travelled to Tenerife with my school mates - no big trip since then). It will be a great new experience.

I have rented a car in San Francisco for the whole duration of my stay together with a GPS system, so I will be able to drive around to see a bit of the location around San Francisco. I'll have a complete day for that until the Conference starts, and also a little time after the Conference. That's another exciting aspect of my trip.

But the most exciting thing will be to meet all the guys that I had contact to via emails, blog comments etc. - and last but not least, the MySQL management and developers. That still looks a bit unreal to me at the moment, but not far away from now, it's about to actually happen ;-).


Anonymous said...

Too bad that I won't make it to the UC this year. But have a great time and a good trip! I am sure you will enjoy it. The San Francisco area is beautiful.

Markus Popp said...

Thank you!

That's a pity. But I hope that we'll find another opportunity to meet - maybe at a MySQL Meetup in Hamburg or somewhere else ;-).