Friday, July 07, 2006

New GUI Tool bundle available

You may have noticed the new link on to the MySQL GUI Tool Download.

This bundle includes new beta versions for MySQL Administrator, MySQL QueryBrowser, the MySQL MigrationToolkit and a new alpha version of MySQL Workbench. All these GUI products are supposed to be offered in one single package in the future.

To get all details, read Mike Zinner's Announcements in the forum:,100559,100559#msg-100559,100561,100561#msg-100561

Needless to say, Feedback and Bug Reports are very much appreciated ;-)!


pabloj said...

I'd rather see some bugs fixed (and the long time overdue changelog for MySQL Query Browser) than a "new" bundle of old software ...

Markus Popp said...

Since the bundle includes new versions, I guess that they also include bug fixes.

pabloj said...

Sorry, but MySQL Query Browser 1.2 is not a new version.
Probably the only new version is MySQL Workbench's one.
But I'm happy to hear from M. Zinner that they will focus on fixing bugs.