Saturday, July 01, 2006

Welcome on board, Roland and all the best to Frank!

I have been knowing that Roland Bouman is about to join 
Carsten Pedersen's MySQL Certification team for quite a while, 
but now - as of 1st July - it's official and time to wish him all the best 
and much fun in his new job!

Also Frank Mash has recently moved to New York and started
a new job as MySQL DBA (I hope, I remember everything
correctly). Also my best wishes for him!

MySQL not only rocks as a database server, but also for great job
opportunities! And the best thing is - MySQL is currently hireing ...
so check out MySQL's job page - there might be the right job for you!


rpbouman said...

Thanks Markus,

and thanks for your kind words!

Frank said...

Hey Markus,

Thank you for your well wishes. They are very much appreciated.

Take care and keep in touch,