Monday, July 24, 2006

Current activities and plans

It's very important for me to keep closely in touch with MySQL's products and all the fun stuff that comes with working with databases which is also a good way to keep in memory what the background of my job and our company is. A job is much more fun if you know and use the products that the company you work for produces instead of only doing it to get paid (that's something I also know well from local companies I worked for earlier - that makes a huge difference). Because of this, I never want to lose the fun side that comes with Community activities which involves to sometimes simply play and experiment with various things that come to my mind and write about that.

Unfortunately I found a little less time recently for Community related activities than the months before, but there are plans which I hope will bring that back to what it used to be. During the next months I plan to reorganize my working environment and my PC infrastructure which involves setting up a new office. My current office is quite a mess and now during the summer heat it gets unpleasantly hot here, so I'll move downstairs where a nice, quite large room is free and where it doesn't heat up as much as upstairs, so I can setup my new working place exactly according to my needs which will certainly raise my productivity for both my job as well as my Community work.

The reorganization of my PCs includes to start using MySQL 5.1 as my production system (besides moving many things that still run under Windows to Linux) - which will certainly bring up new topics to blog about. The same is planned for - until autumn I'd like to move everything to one single MySQL 5.1 server (probably set up a second server as replication slave to provide better security) - so there will be a large amount of new 5.1 users who will contribute in testing 5.1 in production and hopefully provide valuable feedback to us.

So there's definitely a lot to come ;-).

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