Friday, November 04, 2005

My first look at 5.1 ...

It was a great thing when MySQL 5.0 came out, but what's next? Well, of course, the stabilization process of MySQL 5.0 continues, but the work for the next release - 5.1 - has begun quite a while ago.

So, up to now I've always been using the official binaries from MySQL. That's the best thing to do for running MySQL servers in production. But why not take a look a bit further to see what's going on beyond the public releases?

So I looked into MySQL's documentation to read about Installing from the Development Source Tree. I did all the points step by step and now I've ended up with my first MySQL 5.1 server:

MySQL 5.1

These are very interesting days in terms of MySQL - two weeks ago the first Production Release of MySQL 5.0 and now my first personal MySQL 5.1 installation. It's always very exciting to have a first look at a new milestone.

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