Friday, October 28, 2005

Got number two ...

Today I have made my second step towards my goal of getting a row of IT certificates. After passing the MySQL Core Certificate three weeks ago, I passed the Zend PHP Certification today.

For me, today's exam was harder than the MySQL exam. One reason is certainly that I love to do things with MySQL and I do much more with MySQL than my actual work requires. So I have collected more experiences with MySQL than with PHP, which I use to do my work, but not so much for experimenting.

The second reason - the MySQL Study Guide covers the topics that will be on the exam very exactly. Therefore, it's also much bigger than the PHP Certification Study Guide. The latter also indicates what you will find on the exam, but don't expect that every little detail is mentioned in the PHP Study Guide. Comparing them, learning with the MySQL Study Guide was much easier for me. Finally, both exams might require quite the same amount of knowledge - I haven't found a big difference on this.

Well, now it's time to get myself ready for the MySQL Professional Exam. It might take some time, it's certainly not easy and even some good people haven't taken the exam at the first time - so I'll try to learn the material very closely. When it's done, you'll hear a loud 'wouhoooo' from me :-).


rpbouman said...

Hi Markus,

Congratulations! Glad to hear you passed for the exam.

You are certainly showing that you take you profession seriously - something that goes beyond just getting the certificate.

You're bound to win that 'skills over suits' battle if you keep going on like this!


Markus Popp said...

Thank you, Roland :-)!