Friday, October 14, 2005

Florian Müller vs. Bono

It's a tough decision, really! The singer of U2, one of the greatest bands (also see my profile to see, who I mean by that ;-)) who takes every opportunity to speak against poverty and discrimination in the world would of course have been a great candidate to me.

But the fight against software patents is so extremly important to developers and almost everybody involved with software in any way, makes me still believe that Florian Müller is the better choice at the 'Vote for the Europeans of the year'. Even though it wasn't easy not to vote for Bono - I gave my vote to Florian (even though I don't know much about himself, I believe that the subject is so important that it had to be done).

I think, there's also a strong political statement behind the vote for Florian Müller and the NoSoftwarePatents project (without supporting any political party in particular), whether we support freedom and liberty or whether we want to be dictated by a few giant enterprises.

And for U2 - I'll instead buy the new DVD (where I had the great opportunity to see one of their shows on the Vertigo Tour!), so everybody has his benefits :-).

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