Sunday, January 15, 2006 CleanUp process (2)

In the process of cleaning up unused database accounts, the first databases with their users have now been deleted.

During the last month I've sent out emails to all users asking them whether they would like to keep their account. Today I have deleted 966 database accounts, where people have either decided not to use it anymore, or where no data has been stored and the database hasn't been accessed within the last month.

Other 817 accounts, where the users didn't give me a decision, have been set inactive - they can still login but don't have access to their (still existing) database anymore. So there is still a final chance to get access again, if the database is really needed. Until the end of January I will also delete those accounts, where the user didn't ask for re-creation.

Before, there were 3,206 accounts from which 966 have been deleted and 817 are inactive - so there are now 2,240 accounts from which are 1,423 active.

So how can you verify the state of your database account? Try to login - if you can't login, your database account has probably been deleted. If you still can login, but you cannot access your database anymore, it's probably inactive. Or if you still can access your database (if you have visited the cleanup page on and told me to keep the database, this will be the case), everything's fine. Also if you have created your database account after 18th December 2005, it will still be there.

The reason for doing this is to provide more resources to people who use the database on a regular basis. In the future there will be more cleanup processes. Maybe the way how I do this will change, but I will always try to take care not to delete database accounts without giving users a fair chance to keep it, if that's what they want.

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