Friday, January 09, 2009 running on Sun servers

There's one thing which I believe I never mentioned so far, though it is certainly worth to be mentioned. runs on a dedicated server at from Denmark, who use servers from Sun Microsystems and are a Certified Sun Partner.

I got reminded of this fact when I received an email from easyspeedy, wishing me a good new year, telling me about plans for 2009 and including the uptime statistics of 2008, which were as follows:

10 months of 100% uptime
1 month of 99.98% uptime
1 month of 99.97% uptime

Sure, uptime on was a bit lower since these statistics only show how much the server has been up (and down) on their side.

Anyway, it's one more example where MySQL and Sun Microsystems come together in some sort of way.

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