Sunday, September 24, 2006 now exclusively runs MySQL 5.1

It's past 7 o'clock in the morning, but this night has been a productive one (hey - no bad thinking please ;-)).

I have updated to the latest MySQL 5.1 development source version (5.1.12-beta) and discontinued the 5.0 server. The "former" 5.1 server which ran on port 3307 is still alive, but no new accounts are being created there anymore. During the next days I plan to make the databases that run on the port 3307 server accessible on the main 5.1 server (with standard port 3306) to have everything together on one server - and let the port 3307 server die.

Before the update, most users have only used the 5.0 server, but only a little number of users did anything on the 5.1 server. My intention is to test 5.1 more intensively under a higher load and I hope that this also helps to contribute to the development of MySQL 5.1 by finding bugs or other flaws on a production system. I'm also thinking of setting up a replication slave server (instead of the second production server) to do regular backups from there - and of course for testing and finding bugs.

Running MySQL 5.1 offers new possibilities for the users and for me as administrator. The users can now create events and triggers (it was not possible for users to create triggers on the 5.0 server since this would have required SUPER privileges). I want to make use of new logging capabilities, events and new information_schema views to set up a monitoring system - all done by the server. The new MySQL 5.1 features make it much more comfortable for me to keep track of what's happening on the server. This will also be used to clean up unused accounts and to find misused accounts more easily and more quickly.

So this is a great improvement for the users as well as for me - and hopefully also for the MySQL company and products.


Anonymous said...

Hi, possibly I have missed something, but is there a way for user to use new phpmyadmin 2.9.0 on the "old" 3307 5.1 database server or maybe man can still run phpmyadmin 2.7.0? Former I could choose from the main site if I want to log on 5.0 or 5.1. And now, if I understood well, you can only log on to the "new" 5.1 server.
Of course my test-application still works fine using 3307 and i appreciate your great job! But i need to do some backups.


Markus Popp said...


Sorry - looks like I did too much in advance. I have added the port 3307 server to the config file, so if you access phpMyAdmin directly through you can select between both servers again.

However, since now both servers run MySQL 5.1 and are technically identical, I plan to turn the second server (the port 3307 one) off soon. Of course I won't simply drop all the user data, I'm still thinking about how to do this best.

I recommend you to transfer your database to the port 3306 server (as I said - no technical difference) so your database won't be affected by the "merge".

Anonymous said...

hi Markus!

According to your suggestion, I moved all my data to the 3306 port server, and also dropped unused tables on 3307 port server.
Thank you for help and advice!


Anonymous said...

After your upgrade / switch, the Views I had created in the database aren't functioning anymore.

Can you check it out? tripyakkul