Monday, May 01, 2006

More from the MySQL UC

So here are a few photos from me that I've taken at the Conference and around. So let's start with my hotel.

mysqluc_hotel01sn.jpg   mysqluc_hotel02sn.jpg   mysqluc_hotel03sn.jpg

It was quite a cheap hotel and to be honest - not the very cleanest one. But I didn't spend much time there anyway, so why bother. But what's that against the litter that I could find on the streets and sidewalks (to not be misunderstood I'd like to add that none of the litter is from me ;-)).

mysqluc_dirty01sn.jpg   mysqluc_dirty02sn.jpg   mysqluc_dirty03sn.jpg

Since I'm quite a heavy smoker, I was quite concerned about the smoking opportunities in California. But it was by far not that tough. Only during the flight I had to help myself with an inhalor, but finding places to smoke was not really hard in CA.

So here's my car that I rented for my 6 day stay in CA - it was an even bigger one than the one I've ordered (which wasn't available at the time when I picked it up, so I got a car one class higher). It had masses of buttons that I even didn't find out what they are good for, but most of them are not needed for driving anyway - so I even got quite used to it and felt quite comfortable (although
I usually don't drive cars with automatic transmission - another thing to get used

mysqluc_car01sn.jpg   mysqluc_car02sn.jpg   mysqluc_car03sn.jpg

mysqluc_car04sn.jpg   mysqluc_car05sn.jpg

It's a bit off-topic, but here's my own car - so you can compare a little bit ;-).

mysqluc_car06sn.jpg   mysqluc_car07sn.jpg   mysqluc_car08sn.jpg   


One of the bad things is that I hardly have any photos from the Conference and many are quite hazy. But there are many photos from other attendees of the Conference around - check out here:

If you know more links, please let me know!

But here are two from me - one showing Sheeri during her MySQL Meetup BOF session and the second one shows Giuseppe Maxia receiving his Community Award - seconds before Roland Bouman and me had to face a huge surprise.

mysqluc_conf01sn.jpg   mysqluc_conf02sn.jpg

I like road and highway photos because they show a lot of the country and what people really see when they visit a specific place. Most photos were taken out of my car.

mysqluc_road01sn.jpg   mysqluc_road02sn.jpg   mysqluc_road03sn.jpg   

mysqluc_road04sn.jpg   mysqluc_road05sn.jpg   mysqluc_road06sn.jpg   

mysqluc_road07sn.jpg   mysqluc_road08sn.jpg   mysqluc_road09sn.jpg   

mysqluc_road10sn.jpg   mysqluc_road11sn.jpg   mysqluc_road12sn.jpg   

mysqluc_road13sn.jpg   mysqluc_road14sn.jpg   

And last but (by far) not least there was the San Francisco sightseeing tour on April, 23rd together with Roland Bouman and Mike Kruckenberg.

mysqluc_sf01sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf02sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf03sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf04sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf05sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf06sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf07sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf08sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf09sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf10sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf11sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf12sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf13sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf14sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf15sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf16sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf17sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf18sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf19sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf20sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf21sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf22sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf23sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf24sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf25sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf26sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf27sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf28sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf29sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf30sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf31sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf32sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf33sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf34sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf35sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf36sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf37sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf38sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf39sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf40sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf41sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf42sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf43sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf44sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf45sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf46sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf47sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf48sn.jpg   

mysqluc_sf49sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf50sn.jpg   mysqluc_sf51sn.jpg   


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