Saturday, February 18, 2006

Outdated versions on

I'm a guy who very often watches if there are new versions of MySQL related programs (the server, the client programs and the APIs). There are good ways to quickly receive notifications if new versions come out, the best might be the Announcement Mailing List.

The page also lists the most current versions of the relevant products - or lets better say - it should list the most current versions. Unfortunately, it often takes quite a long time until this list is updated, when a new version comes out - for example:

MySQL MigrationToolkit is listed as 1.0.22 beta, although version 1.0.23 RC is out (also 1.0.22 had RC in its file name).

MySQL Administrator is listed as version 1.1.7, but the current Windows version is 1.1.8, while the current Linux version is 1.1.6.

MySQL QueryBrowser is listed as version 1.1.18, which is right for the Linux version. However, for Windows, there's already a 1.1.20.

MySQL Connector/J is listed as 5.0.0-alpha on the page, while the file name indicates that it's a beta version.

MySQL Connector/MXJ is listed as 1.0.10 (GA), although the higher version 1.1.6 would also be a GA version, which I think might have a higher kind of priority than 1.0.10.

From my point of view, these are little blemishes, but for someone who's new to MySQL, this could easily be irritating.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they just a AVG() on the version column :)

Joking aside, I had to downgrade Administrator to 1.1.7.
1.1.8 kept crashing when I tried to restore backups.