Friday, September 30, 2005

1,000th user at has just welcomed its 1,000th visitor! This project went online on 29th of June this year. is - as far as I know - the first and only database provider that offer's MySQL 5 databases for free. The server currently runs MySQL 5.0.13-rc-Max. So it also gives the opportunity to test storage engines like BerkeleyDB, Archive or Federated which are not available in the standard packages.

This project gives interested people a chance to test new features of MySQL 5 without the need to run a server at their own. I hope, people get used and comfortable with these new feature. Many users will probably move their databases to a commercial Internet Service Provider after testing at, so they might probably prefer an ISP running MySQL 5 rather than an ISP running the older versions. Maybe that's a little contribution to accelerate the ISP's decision to update to MySQL 5.

More details about the project can be found at

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shantanu said...

I am among one of those 1,000 users at and I appreciate your efforts. db4free is the only free and easy to use website that shows the power of MySQL in general and version 5.0 in particular. The server is stable (actually better than my ISP!). Response from admins to any query is quick and it "actually" addresses the issue. I was waiting for such a website for years! Thanks a lot.